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Saxon and Viking Re-enactment Society




 Join Us... Visit Us...Hire Us

We welcome potential new members. 

Do you have an interest in working with wood,

iron, leather, pottery or fabrics for example? 

Then come and join our Camp Life.​

There is a great wealth of crafts and skills from

the period which we like to demonstrate to the

public at shows and at Schools.

Also to create items for our Living encampment.

If your interests have a more martial lean then come and join us to become a Viking or Saxon Warrior or Shieldmaiden!

You will be trained on the use of sword, seax, short and long axe, spear and shield.

Our Trainers all have years of experience and place safety and practice paramount.  We are able to perform exciting and exhilarating combat displays enjoyed by both the public and the performers.

We offer the first month of meetings free to new members.  

We have an extensive insurance policy.

We run an open treasury, any member can see our finances whenever they like. All monies we make go back into the club.


Why not call in for a cuppa one Thursday evening, meet us and find out what we are about?


Interested in hiring or joining Jörmungandr Austr?

Contact us!

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Pete - 0797-930-3954

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