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School Visits

We have great enthusiasm for bringing our knowledge, props and passion directly to the classroom.

We work with the school to provide a tailored package that suits your requirements.  It is our pleasure to be budget friendly.

We bring along multiple artefacts to enhance the impact of our presentation, there is opportunity for a Q&A session and the children can feel for themselves the weight of a helmet on their head, the feel of a sword in their hand and imagine themselves in those no-longer-so-dark ages.

We can also be hired for a whole day visit where we would set up our camp in the school grounds complete with cooking and combat demonstrations, and shield manoeuvres and games that involve the children.

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"The Viking day we had at school was absolutely brilliant. The children loved it so much that some were saying they even want to be Vikings when they grew up!  We got such a real sense of what it was like to be a Viking, learning about their everyday lives. 
The children have told us that they have learned things they didn`t know before this experience.  The people who ran and organised it were fantastic, bringing it all alive and in a way that caught the children`s attention and imagination.
It was so good, I would definitely book it again the next time we do the Vikings.  Thanks so much".
- Teachers

"Thank you for a fantastic morning of Viking activities. The children learnt so much about the daily life of Vikings; they really enjoyed studying artefacts, learning shield manoeuvres and getting first hand experience of handling weapons! A great time was had by all. We look forward to inviting you back to visit us in the future".

- Aslacton Primary School, visited November 26th 2019

"The children had a fantastic day, with lots of positive feedback from parents too. Thank you very much again."

-North Repps Primary.
Visited, March 2023

"It was epic because we had lots of fun watching the battle, it was so realistic"

"The armour was really heavy when I put it on"

"I really liked seeing the different Viking jewellery and seeing how the armour was made"
- Children

St. Mary`s Community Primary School, Beetly, Dereham
Visited on 22nd November 2019

"It was a great pleasure to have the Jörmungandr Austr group set up their Saxon and Viking camp in the school grounds for the school fete. Lots of parents and children were fascinated to find out about Saxon and Viking crafts, such as weaving and leatherwork making, and loved watching the re-enactments of fight sequences. The group enjoyed interacting with the pupils and passing on their knowledge about this period of history."

- Neil Henery, Headmaster of Cringleford CE VA Primary School with reference to our visit to the school fete May 2019.

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